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Servicing any Offroad Motorcycle, ATV and UTV can be pretty difficult, luckily LMS is here to help you get through any service or repair you need to get done. If you would like LMS to perform any servicing actions that you need, please give us a call or drop it by any time during business hours!



Is your vehicle getting hard to start, wont idle, running rough, or just popping a lot? Then there is a 90% chance your vehicle needs the carburetor gone through. With the gas quality being so high on ethanol, it only takes a month for the ethanol to create a varnish in your carb bowl, which in turn makes your bike lean therefore cutting off fuel supply. LMS has the perfect cure for that by disassembling the carburetor completely and rebuilding it with new seals, gaskets and O-rings to bring back that power and performance you deserve.


Falling behind on your matinence? No problem, LMS has the best chemicals and parts you need to service your vehicle with. LMS goes above and beyond customer standards by checking over or fixing that minimal problem with no charge added! It could be a previous stripped or missing bolt, needing to clean the air filter, zip tying wires together or any other small repair we come across, just to ensure customer satisfaction

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Need a quick tire change? Any ATV, Dirt bike, or Dual sport tire is our specialty. LMS has the right equipment and employees to handle the job. When any wheel needs a tire swap, we inspect all rim strips, valve stems, spokes, wheel bearings or tubes to ensure the parts are still in working order. We also service the wheels that need a tube or tire change by cleaning and repacking wheel bearings, checking brake pad life, servicing chain adjusters and any other parts that needs some attention.

Forks or Shocks leaking/spongy ? This usually means the seals or hard parts in the forks or shocks are worn, while you could also be low on nitrogen on specific applications. LMS gives up to 1 year warranty on any suspension service depending on certain services.

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